Welcome to Passion Flower, a florist in Pontypridd, Tonypandy, Williamstown

Welcome to Passion Flower, a florist based in Williamstown, Tonypandy Pontypridd. We are a family run business who pride ourselves in the quality of our flowers and our customer service. 

Take a look around our website where you'll be able to purchase a selection of our bouquets, funeral items and home items we stock in the shop. If there's anything you can't find please give us a call to order 0144 3423 833.

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Our Location and Opening Times

Opening times

Mon:9am to 2pm
Tue:9am to 5pm
Wed:9am to 2pm
Thur:9am to 5pm
Fri:9am to 5pm
Sat:9am to 1pm