Flower Delivery in Pontypridd, Tonypandy, Williamstown

Small Egg Lamp

Small mosaic glass egg lamp
Height: 20cm
Diameter: 14cm
25w bulb recommended (not included)

Medium Egg Lamp

Medium mosaic glass egg lamp
Height: 30cm
Diameter: 22cm
25w bulb recommended (not included)

Large Egg Lamp

Large mosaic glass egg lamp
Height: 40cm
Diameter: 30cm
40w bulb recommended (not included)

Small Tray with Balls

1 x Tray
1 x Medium ball
2 x Small balls

Tray Height: 7cm
Tray Width: 41.5cm
​Tray Depth: 12cm

Large Tray with Balls

1 x Large tray
1 x Large ball
2 x Medium balls

Tray height: 10cm
Tray width: 62cm
Tray depth: 18cm
£49.00 with balls

Small Penguin

Small ceramic penguin
Height: 23cm
Width: 14cm
​Depth: 7cm

Large Penguin

Large ceramic penguin
Height: 35cm
Width: 20cm
​Depth: 10cm

Small Emmentaler Vase

Small emmentaler vase 
Height: 32cm
Width: 22cm
Depth: 9cm

Large Emmentaler Vase

Large emmentaler vase 
Height: 49cm
Width: 18cm
​Depth: 9cm

Mosaic Glass Candle Holder

Height: 38cm
Diameter: 12cm

Mosaic Glass Vase Lamp

Height: 38cm
Diameter: 20cm
25w bulb recommended (not included)